A Comprehensive Support Model — One-on-One and Peer-To-Peer — With Dr. Pallavi Aga

A Comprehensive Support Model — One-on-One and Peer-To-Peer — With Dr. Pallavi Aga
a comprehensive support model one on one and peer to peer with dr pallavi aga - A Comprehensive Support Model — One-on-One and Peer-To-Peer — With Dr. Pallavi Aga

dLife.in has been pioneering the Indian LCHF movement in India for almost five years now, braving huge resistance, stiff opposition and even open threats. We made history by being the first online community in India offering peer-to-peer support like never before.

Today, we are adding a new and exciting chapter to our success story. We welcome with great joy, Dr Pallavi Aga, who will henceforth be collaborating with us, offering one-on-one support that comes with a Doctor-Approved tag. Together, we would be a culmination of the best of both worlds — one-to-one and peer-to-peer support. We are honoured to be at the leading edge of change and we remain grateful for the support and blessings of our members in taking our unified vision ever onwards.

Dr Pallavi Aga is a  private practitioner, physician, having done her training from King George Medical College Lucknow (KGMC) and Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences Lucknow (SGPGI). She has pursued a clinical practice for over 20 years. She has founded her own holistic clinical practice under the name of Mind and Body Wellness Clinic ( Sector 15 A , Noida )

Presently, she is  pursuing preventive health in the form of nutritional counseling for sports as well as lifestyle diseases . She doesn’t believe in the “conventional dieting” approach with all the mumbo jumbo of counting calories, portion size and fighting with perpetual hunger, but focuses on correct nutrition. She believes in a low carb lifestyle and prescribing a keto diet when needed.

She is listed on the FoodMed.net (Who is who of LCHF globally), maintained by Marika Sboros.

She is  an  avid follower of eat clean and green with a holistic approach to health and diet, and as such she is  actively helping the society towards walking down the path of health through Facebook live events and also with media groups like India Today, Dainik Jagran and Pinkathon

She is the recipient of The Best Nutritionist Award 2018 at the 14th Annual International Hospitality India and Travel Awards ( 5th October 2018) . She has also been a speaker in various cancer related conferences both national and international.

Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/nutritionistpallavi/ 
Facebook group : The Wellness club
Linkedin connection at

Twitter handle is @aga_pallavi

Instagram account : pallaviaga

Website : doctorpallavi.com

Her motto #SayNoToDiseases

Details of what comes with this support model is noted on the forum in the following thread:

One To One & Peer Support Combo Service — Dr Pallavi Aga & dLife.in

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